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Win with strategy.

Improve productivity and optimize maintenance spend while remaining OEM compliant.

Maintain focus.

SiteGrid extends your IT operation by ruthlessly focusing on service execution across your enterprise network grid.

Gain insight.

Measure the economic viability of your support and sparing investments with our secure, cloud-based platform.

With SiteGrid, be ready and enabled.

of enterprise data will be processed at the edge by 2025*
of TCO occurs after an IT asset is purchased.*
growth in IoT Devices Every Year*

*Gartner Reviews

the Grid

Geographically dispersed and diverse infrastructures are critical, complex, and costly to maintain.

Spares are stocked across the enterprise grid to close coverage gaps and avoid rising contract costs. 

Managing inventory for field services creates the headache of handling many tasks associated with resolving a ground-based ticket.

Meet SiteGrid:
Turning woes into wins.

SiteGrid modernizes inventory management, logistical coordination, entitlements, hardware swaps, and RMAs to eliminate cross department and vendor communications that are hidden costs and productivity drags.

Collaborating with your operational team, SiteGrid takes immediate action from the moment the ticket is entered.  Enabled spares, efficient handling, quick access to skilled onsite workers, and relevant reporting are just a touch away. SiteGrid managed support services are designed to integrate and complete your support landscape.

Access around the clock service delivery where, when, and how you need it, all through SiteWise.


Support, Streamlined

SupportIT is a complete support solution that provides coverage on a diverse range of enterprise network grid devices. Maintenance spend is reduced and OEM compliance is maintained through the efficient usage of your spares. 

Starting with a comprehensive review of your contracts, inventory, geographic scope, and support procedures, SiteGrid designs a cost-effective support program that meets your business requirements across your enterprise network grid.

Focused on continual service improvement, your dedicated SiteGrid Engagement Manager takes a "hands on" approach to optimizing  your inventory, contracts, and logistics.


IT Sparing, Enabled

SpareIT is a logistics and inventory management solution for IT hardware. Use our services to securely store, track, and dispatch all your critical equipment with same and next-day SLAs. Control access and maintain visibility of inventory levels and consumption. 

Let us handle the complexities.  We deliver your inventory 24/7 where you need, when you need it… hassle free.



FieldIT is an on-demand, on-ground service that provides the skills you need for device deployments, break/fix, troubleshooting, adds, moves, changes and more. Fully managed, vetted, and verified according to your requirements.

For common workstreams, specialized runbooks and toolkit requirements can be created through our templated and kit-based services.

Leverage SiteGrid’s specialized consultants for baseline studies, audits, workflow design and staffing requirements.


Analytics, Intelligent

SiteWise is a secure, cloud-based software platform that provides the digital access, analytics and reporting for SupportIT, SpareIT and FieldIT service offerings. View all your contract details, inventory levels, sparing compliance and consumption information in one place.

SiteWise helps you make data-driven decisions with real-time visibility, enabling you to measure the economic viability of your support and sparing investments, protecting you from cost overruns while maintaining SLAs.

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